Friday, August 16, 2013

Zero years old

And finaly it comes to end. It’s the end of a journey in which you play, in sometimes you win, others to loose. In which you enjoy, in which you make decisions that , unknowingly, affect to many people. It’s a journey in wich giving means everythings, so as reciving.  It is comminment for not making it alone. But also is saying goodbye.
 It’s a way in which efforts get rewarded; in which you dream and wish. And some of those dreams come true.
It is a journey in which we find role models to follow, people that help us and inspire us. In which we grow in height and also we expand our soul. It is a journey full of responsibilities in which you learn how to find the sweet and good side. Life is a journey worth to course… if you get the chance. Although, there are decisions that can chance your life and other’s. You took your choice. This could been my life, but there no way back. I only want you know that I forgive you. And I hope that some day you could do so.

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