Monday, August 12, 2013


Sometimes we don't realize how important is to do follow up to all the girls who come to the offices everyday and we don't realize that those calls can make a big change and that are the last step in a girl's turn around.

You rather follow her up when she has already decided in the office that she wants to keep that baby, that new life, or you may follow their indecision and fear that they left the office with. In the first situation you gotta make sure that she is doing okay and that she keeps strong in her decision. You gotta offer them all your available help for them and show them that you want to do all that is on your hand for them.
If you take care of their indecision, you gotta take advantage of their weakness and fear, your call, your worriness and love towards them is gonna be crucial, and that's for example something that happened to me a few days ago in Washington.

This girl came to see us. It was an intense and long counseling, I really felt that this was a winning case. We make her get her feelings out, we really touch her heart, but like many times, almost before she left, something in her mind told her again.. NO NO NO I cannot do it, I cannot keep it.. I cannot afford it, my husband will not allow me.. Of course, all weak arguments.. Then she cried again, she was confused and also all the abortion videos really touched her heart. She left very undecided, nothing sure but she told us that probably she had no other choice than an abortion. We told them to read many of the stories and i promised her my call.

After many days of praying for her, this morning when I called, she kept silence for a while and then with tears in her eyes she told me.. I couldn't do it, you were right, it was too much pain, too much horror and madness.. This is part of me. I couldn't believe her words, I was way too happy. Of course she now needs lots of help and care, so I will put her in another center here in DC while we are back in Spain.

I definitely loved that girl. 

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