Saturday, August 24, 2013

not a goodbye

Last day, last blog. After two months, I can say I have been through one of the most amazing adventures of my life. Car accidents, lost in Tennesse, making our way back to NY, travelling to Cleveland, rescuing girls from lost villages and meeting people with great courage and faith. Coming back to NYC has been different, fights against our objective, indian girls to take care of and finding a way to sleep and not to faint after two months of hard work and experiencing the american way of life. I do not regret spending my summer like this. Although I spent all my money to come here, to the US I come back to Spain with a big smile. What happened here can not be explained. The same happened in my trip to Peru, but this has been different, more mature. Hope this time I recover fast from this awesome journey. Last words to Chris Slattery, who has given me the opportunity to do some good actions here in a foreign country. Tough boss but this is part of the experience. Thank you to all the interns, I will not say this is a goodbye, is a see you soon.

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