Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Since I arrived in San Antonio I'm proud to say that we have saved 7 babies, 5 of them have been place for adoption. We've learn lots of things and we have grown up as a person, now we can say that we are better, stronger and closer to God. We are going to be able to defend life in every place on earth. We have learn not to give up with hard cases , we've learn not to judge and the most important thing , we've learn to love those girls that have done mistakes. 
I'm proud of the other 5 interns that have been working next to me, because without them this couldn't be done. 
Here in San Antonio we have met lot of persons that had been an inspiration for us and such a bless. We have learn from the best. 
To all the girls we have talked to ,this 2 weeks we told them that they can count on us, we will be there. We told them that if they ever find theirselves lost in the dark we will be the light to guide them, we told them that if they ever forget how much they mean to us we will always remind them. 
I invite you all to pray for them, we can all fight toguether for this cause.
                              AT SAN ANTONIO´S OFFICE. THIS MOTHER DECIDED                                                                TO  KEEP HER BABY.

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