Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The grace of being ladies

Today I was thinking: what could I include in my following blog? And I have realized that we cannot always tell beautiful stories. As an intern I have had some great experiences really exciting and educational for me. But also some more tough and difficult situations have been produced. That’s why today I have decided to tell a story that is not finished yet but hopefully has a happy ending.

Last week I was working at Stanton Healthcare. I was with Rosario in the front and we weren’t really busy because there were some more volunteers. Then a pregnant mother with four kids arrived, three boys and one baby girl. They were all very naughty but cute. As the mother needed a pregnancy test and an ultrasound, we stayed looking for the children.

During that half an hour, we couldn’t imagine the difficult situation that mother was passing through. Later we knew that she was pregnant, with no money, with three boys from one father, one girl from another father, some abortions between the boys and the girl… She was thinking on aborting this new baby because she couldn´t handle with more troubles.

Now if I could talk with this strong mother I would simply help her to realize the grace we have of being ladies and the perfect example is she herself. I believe that she has something inside which men don´t have. It´s simply the courage and willing she has taking care of her four children, loving them and assuming the responsibilities that sometimes they don´t assume.  We are so gifted with the possibility of being ladies and mothers!

That day I learned another time to be grateful for every single thing that I have in life and for the great opportunities that I am having and others can’t even imagine.  Thanks God!!



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