Saturday, August 31, 2013

They claim right to life!

What a great experience!! Yesterday we worked at the “Right to life” booth in the fair of Idaho. I enjoyed a lot working there. Basically because it was very well organized, with babies of the real size that they have in the womb with 12, 20 and 30 weeks. The pregnant mothers would stop and really realize about the baby they have inside. Some of them were amazed with the fetal development and how quick the baby looks totally like a little human.

It was funny to see the children observing quite curious and willing to take the small babies in their hands to weigh them. Lot of people contributed with donations or signing against abortion, some others gave us support saying that we were doing such a good job giving our time to the defense of life. Incredibly we didn´t heard any complaint or negative comment from the pro-choice movement which was really good for us.
Finally, something that made me happy was a young girl who came towards us willing to help as a volunteer. She was from Boise so we explained her all the work we, Spanish girls were doing in her city and she told us that was really excited with our example and wanted to do the same. Awesome!!


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