Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Last Monday I had one of the greatest experience here in Miami.

I was at the sidewalk of one of the abortion clinics at the SW called Today's Women Medical Centers.
And when I was in the middle of my second rosary a 20 years old young lady appeared and stopped right in front of me.

I was not expecting anybody that time.

She looked at me and sayed, please help me I dont know what I am doing.

After looking at her I prayed to my guard of angel and sayed to my self, please let me help and convience this girl.
I took her hands and sayed, we are gere to help you. You already made the right decision. Going inside the abortion clinic was not he correct way to face the pregnancy. Dont worry you are ot alone.

I gave her our pamphlets from our offices with all the information she needed to continue with the pregnancy, and took her cell phone number to be in touch with her.

Please pray for this young lady and her baby.

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