Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Abortion. A walk through history

The direct abortion wanted by a person is totally against the natural ethic law.
Researchers found some old papers coming from the earlier catholics which says: "Do not kill the embrion and do not give death to the infant".
During all the history the Catholic Church had continued the teaching against the abortion even though in the Middle Ages showed up a theory which said that God gives de soul to the child after the conception, this was known as "the late animation". Even catholics in that time believed in the late animation or not, the abortion was condemned as a crime.
Nowadays Catholic Church says that modern genetics science provides a lot of precious information and, most important, that this science cannot truly support the abortion.
So, I can end with a write coming from the Catholic church which resumes pretty well all the catholics view: " the human being must be respect and treat as a single person since the early moment of conception, in consequence, their rights must be recognize and mainly one right, the one which says that everyone must live".

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