Monday, August 12, 2013


Every day I get to learn something new about side walk counseling. As I already told on my first posts, I thought that this type of counseling was something for professional, very hard and almost impossible to succeed. However I have been realizing that this is not true.

Obviously the first think you need is PATIENCE. of course is not something easy, or a quick positive answer action, but that's why PRAYER is so important. Even though we sometimes feel that standing in front of an abortion clinic for so many hours praying and praying is not gonna work, we are wrong and we also need to let God do his part of the job.

When you stop a girl in front of the clinic and she just looks at you with hate and horror, you gotta look at her and pray for her, and ask God to make her listen to that baby's life letting her mom know that he or she wants to live. Every day I get that feeling, that big feeling that my prayers work and that when you really show love to those girls at least ask them to read those other girls' testimonies, you hope that to at least have touch a bit their hearts and make that happen. I feel that I did it well in DC. You gotta lose that fear and walk towards them thinking that you could be the angel they were missing to make a miraculous TURN AROUND.


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