Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At the Ave Maria Radio station in Detroit.

When I was in Detroit, I had the big and only chance to speak out our work in a radio station called Ave Maria. I woke up a bit nervous that morning, because despite I was sure and proud of my work, I didn't know if I could answer all the questions they might ask me the way they wanted to. However, it was easy. I have to say that I could count on Alicia. We both had to be there, answering their questions. They asked me the typical questions about what is our work here; what do we do, how long are we staying in the US, where do we stay... The most interesting part was when I got to talk about the experience, how I felt  and how is the abortion in Spain. I told them that the best part of being here is getting to know all these turn around moms, being with them, sharing their feelings and listening to them while explaining how their life is. Those moments are the best. You can see how they open their hearts to you, having that sensation of freedom where nobody is going to judge them. Feeling of happiness. Feeling of gratitude. I don't mean that we've the truth and that all the achievement is ours, of course not. I mean, I really feel God next to me when I have the courage, strength and words to respond them.

When I got back home that day, my mates told me how I kept repeating that sentence: "It's so nice...." I felt kind of shy, thinking about how would have been listening to myself on the radio. I would have loved it. Was it good? Was it bad? I don't know. However, when we once went to pick up a kitchen for one of the families in need, the woman asked about us. Asked about how was our work. She listened to the radio station that morning and congratulated all of us. Now I want to congratulate all of the interns: WE ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!

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