Friday, August 16, 2013


Today is the day. Today we say bye to our lovely and hot Texas, today we say bye to the Capitol, and we say " see you soon" to our lovely and young mothers. It is not really sad to say goodbye because today we have knew that 4 of our appoitments had decided that they are gonna keep their babies and place them for adoption. isn't it a great new? we are really excited about that! hope that eveything goes okay and we will keep praying for them!
This month and a half has been amazing, I am in love with this state and with the Texan's citizens. They had take care of us as if we were their own child.
We have learn a lot about the prolife work and we are going to start this kind of activities back in our country.
Thanks to all the families that we have met for being so nice with all of us and for taking care of us; specially to the Torres's family and Tere's familiy for teaching us how to improve our work.
We love y'all!

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