Friday, August 23, 2013

Stanton Healthcare

Stanton Healthcare is the organization with which I have been collaborating for the last two weeks. Now that I have lived for some time their spirit, I would like to dedicate some of these lines to the great work they are doing.
Here in Boise, as other organizations around the United States, we offer pregnancy test and ultrasounds at no charge. In addition, every time a lady comes, she has a counseling time that helps her to consider all the options towards pregnancy and gives her real support. In those conditions and after seeing their babies with the sonogram, mums are much more prepared to decide carrying to term their pregnancy.
I am quite admired with the way this center Works. Although it has a woman who comes every day and supervises everything, Stanton healthcare is mostly addressed by volunteers. Each day there is a range between 2-4 volunteers committed with the prolife cause. This is really great!!Basically, because everybody works here freely and giving their time to all these mothers and babies that need help. About the staff, I also like the young atmosphere that can be respired here. There is always a joyful environment around the volunteers. The clients really adore this place because it reaches its objectives: support and help for pregnant mothers.
A very important thing when talking about the prolife movement is having good leaders and staff. They should have great ideas that make people to act and engage to the Cause by donating some money, giving their time... That´s exactly what they do here. A good example is the baby bottles campaign that they use to raise money. They hand out baby bottles around the city and after some days or a month; they will pick up the bottles with the economical help that each person could bring.
I can affirm that Stanton really takes care of the small details and make the mothers feel as if they were in home. These details are: offering food or drink whenever they come, giving mothers baby supplies when they need them, giving them a baby basket when they are in labor… In my opinion, these small gestures make the difference.

To conclude I would like to demonstrate my enormous gratitude because in this small period of time I have really learned about life, I have enjoyed helping the others, I have been as in home surrounded by incredible people and I have helped to the prolife movement.

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