Monday, August 12, 2013


Last weekend, Susana and me got the opportunity to meet some pro life people here in DC, we got to meet some more people from our team, from our big fighting for life family, from this being and real community.

We got to meet the CROSSROAD people. I just got so amazed with their contribution to the community. Its just so big what they do and I really admire them. For who doesn't know, they walk all around the country form side to side for 3 months protesting against abortion, fighting for life, talking to girls and trying to change a bit the world, as well as we all do in the different places where we are settled around the country.

We first met them at St Peter's church were we assisted to a Holy hour to do a little bit of prayer. On saturday we met them again in front of the Plan Parenthood Clinic in the center of DC. It was a long and intense morning. We prayed together and really shared the exact same feelings.

I just love to be a pro life, i feel that we still have lot of work to do but that little by little and with such big effort and feeling that all of us put on the cause, we can change this.

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