Thursday, August 22, 2013

Next stop... NYC!

After one month and a half, I'm back to New York, the Big Apple. When I first got here - that July 10th - I worked at the office in Brooklyn. Now that I'm back, I realized how much I've learnt these last weeks.

I feel free to talk to these moms and couples, hug and advice them. I love it.

Yesterday I was with this woman from Dominican Republic. She came to the office for an abortion because she was five months pregnant and her boyfriend died some weeks ago. Isn't this hard to deal with? Those eyes told me that she felt alone in this, that she didn't want to do it, but her situation was too hard. Most of her family lives in her country, she had to send her one-year-old child there because she doesn't have enough money to afford it. Nowadays, she lives with her cousins, but they told her to terminate - I hate this word - that baby because she would not be able to raise him/her alone. I showed her the video and after watching it, she asked me how many hours would it take. That is what I answered her: "Your unique baby is very big now. I know the reason you want an abortion, but I also know that you love this baby as much as the one you've already had in your arms. You might think that I cannot completely understand you, cuz I'm not in your situation. But, YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON THIS. We can help you, and trust me, when you feel that baby in your arms, despite you cannot give him/her all those things you want, you'll feel proud, happy and satisfied. You don't want to do this..." She started to cry. At that moment, I didn't know if I was proud of those tears or not. I think I kinda liked it.

I cannot say that it was a full turn around, but she said that she might wait for another appointment. "Yeah!" - I thought.

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