Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Last Saturday the Miami crew and I went once again to one of the most important abortion clinic in Miami. A choice for women 6660 S. West 117th Ave., South Miami, FL 33143.

As every Saturday, we stay right on the place the authorities let us to stay. Just 6 feet long or less, to stay and pray in front of the main entrance of the abortion clinic.

On Saturdays we do our best to try to talk to the girls that are going to have and abortion. But its really hard beause they come by car, and as always, the pro-choice security do not let us to talk to the girls.
So even it is hard we pray and do our best.

But that particularly Saturday was one of my best Saturdays ever im Miami.

In the middle of our third rosary, at 10:00 am, a lot of pro-life teenagers were approaching to us. They were like 15 or more. 
It was amazing seeing lots of young people like us praying in front of that abortion clinic, and trying to talk to the girls.

So they joined us and we stayed the whole morning together praying for the girls and babies.

Thank God we are not alone in this battle.

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