Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adoption can be a good option

The other day I was at the Baltimore bus on my way home after a long day working on the doors of the clinic when I sat on one of the seats in the front rows and saw something incredible.

I love advertising and I always look at the ads when I travel by bus, metro... This time it caught my attention the one that was right in front of me. They were announcing adoption. They gave you the contact of an adoption center to give or receive a child for adoption. I really found that ad fantastic.

I really liked it because since I'm here working at EMC, I've never met a girl who wants to give their child up for adoption, and this makes me feel sorry, that such a nice alternative to abortion, to offer your child to a family with hope, strength and desire to raise a child they cannot have for whatever reason.

Hopefully this announcement will draw attention to many people, as it happened to me, so that they have on their minds this beautiful alternative in times when woman don't want to keep their babies and want to have an abortion, because they have become pregnant unexpectedly.

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