Thursday, July 25, 2013


Last week, as I informed you in my older posts, I went to Austin, Texas fighting against abortion with a group of american pro lifers. The group was called "students for life".
We spent most of our time in the Capitol visiting governors and senders. All of then summing up, transmited the same message this was that we don´t have to worry in a prolife fight because the thuth always wins so we just have to trust and smile.
So we carried on with the week showing our prolife message and supporting the others pro lifers who came from different parts of the US.
We keep walking through the Capitol with our big paintings with prolife´s message and we also praid for all the babies and  the end of the abortion.

One day, we went to planned parenthood´s door and we stay there for a long time praying and trying to talk with the ladies who entered though sometimes.

So, at the end, one more time we can see that if we work for something hardly and with faith we will get it; every effort has a reward!

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