Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The conference 

This last week we have been in a meeting where a lot of people where talking to teach us about how to councelling the pregnancy girls that they want to have an abortion. I want to tell you two ideas i got from father Frank. He speaks very well and he really has a lot of experience about councelling. he told us that there are a lot of people thinks that it is okey to kill a baby because they dont really have a soul. They said to this people that when it is the moment when we have a soul? we dont know, so it is possible that right now you dont have a soul, so then can i kill you for that? 

He also shows us that this girls are not guilty about the abortion, it is the desesperation of a mother what makes a mother want to do such a desesperated think, we have to be there to support them not to judge them.

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