Friday, July 19, 2013

The post-abortion trauma

"Abortion changes you forever. I thought the abortion would free me from a responsibility I felt I was not ready for. Instead it held me in bondage to feelings of regret, remorse, depression and despair. My soul became a slave to self-hatred and worthlessness. My sanity was the prize I paid. Women deserve better than abortion" - Anonymous woman who had an abortion.

Tremendous testimony from a woman who suffered herself the horror of the post-abortion trauma, also called the post-abortion syndrome.

This mental disorder  is defined as the emotional and physiological impact most of the times experimented by women and even men after an abortion. Some of the symptoms are:
 - Bouts of baby crying
 - Depression and dispeir
 - Guilt
 - Inability to forgive yourself
 - Nightmares and sleep disturbances
 - Suicidal urges

Pregnant women who abort have a six times higher rate of suicide than those who carry their babies to term. Teens who abort are ten times more likely to attempt suicide than teens who had not have an abortion.

I had this past days a conference from the Human Life International and they expose about this trauma. There are many testimonies from women who had have an abortion and the physical and psychological consequences of an abortion are devastating.

If you are suffering this or you know someone who is, you should know that there is hope and healing after abortion. You could read some of this accounts:

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