Friday, July 19, 2013

Encyclical of the Pope Pablo VI

In my first week in Miami we met Human Life International, it's an organization that do the same work as us. 
They gave us a course of prolife points but one of the things that most impression cause on me was about the Pope Pablo VI.
In one encyclical he wrote he talked about 17 consecuences that were going to happened to the human. I'm going to highlight four of them that are happening now:

1. Increase of infidelity (plus than a 50%) and general degradation of morality

2. Lost of the respect to the woman

3. Imposition of the Governement about anticonceptives

4. Human has all the control of his body, like emancipation of nature.

It impact me a lot because it's true, all the things that the Pope Pablo VI told are happening right now! Why? Because humans think they are better than God and it's not true! We are servants of God!!

That's the key! But some people are not arranged and that's why abortion exists because we think we are like God! 

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