Friday, July 19, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane

I hate farewells, I don't know you, but for me to say good bye is almost as difficult as saying "I'm sorry" or "I love you".

Life is sometimes utterly unfair, you spend three weeks in a town, living with four people, doing the same stuff 24/7 and then what? you just go and say "hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I'm leaving today and probably never see you again"? How is someone suppose to deal with that?

I have been very lucky for being 17 days in Philly with those four interns, whom I can now consider my friends. This post is for you guys (I know, I'm getting emotional, whatever).

I'm gonna miss Teresa for being the sister I never had, for sharing the bed (even it that has meant almost sleeping on the floor) for being there for me, telling me her life and discovering we were incredibly and sometimes even scarily alike (I still cannot believe we been through the same surgery!) I know Madrid and Pamplona are not exactly close, but I expect you in the Navarre's capital at least once in a semester this coming year (won't take a no for an answer)

I'm gonna miss Fer for being such a great "dad", taking care of us, waking us up, organizing our individual work in order to make it more efficient, going with me through Pennsylvania's border (more or less) when the rest decided that an art museum would be more fun. But moreover, I'm gonna miss his cooking, those risottos and those BBQ, I wish I could take him with me to LA, take would make daily life easier (FOR SURE).

I'm gonna miss Guillermo, AKA Bill McCarron, because of his ability of being such a great plan maker "how to get into the subway without paying and succeed", "how to dress like a Starbucks assistant" or my favorite: "how to go shopping with more people and ending up doing absolutely nothing, making the rest do things for you". Bill has showed me a deep respect for animals, specially dogs like our dear Bach, his patience and perseverance have been admirable (in case you don't get it, YES: I'M BEING SARCASTIC)

And finally, I'm gonna miss Jaime for making us laugh every single day (except that day he was feeling irritable for everything... well, no, even that day he made us laugh) with the most stupid and sometimes even ridiculous things. I'm gonna miss his "french accent" when he talks with the dog (PEGGITOU) and the way he translates everything directly from spanish to english even if it has absolutely no sense at all. I think I may even miss all those train moments when he and the others were playing Pokemon and Teresa and I were the last of their concerns. Oh, and I am already missing your feet nails and goodnight hugs (although I would not admit it outside this post).

I am also going to miss the rest of the interns that weren't with me in Philly, specially Nenuca and Marina (super, super love you) and the rest of the lifehousers. Thank you for making this internship once again worth coming.

I am now starting a new trip with the prolife movement in Los Angeles, and though I'm sure the job would be as exciting and the possibilities unlimited, I would change all of that for one last day with all you; one last day playing our parents music in the kitchen, one last day falling sleep in those sofas while we were watching a movie nobody was interested in. One last day as an EMC intern.

Thank you Chris for letting me in doing an exception for this three weeks. As I said two summers ago, this is not a goodbye, its a see you soon.

Take care

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