Thursday, July 18, 2013

Goodbye dinner

   I am in Philadelphia, or Philly, as they like to call the city here. Last Monday we had a spetial dinner because Teresa Beitia was leaving us. She is going to Los Angeles to do prolife work in the West Coast. We wish her the best! We also welcome Ester who has came to replace her.
   Anyway, we had a dinner with Mike, a doctor who is hosting. He invited a friend Peter J Colosi who is now teaching in San Carlos Borromeo Seminary, here in Philly. He also has been teaching around the world like in Austria. He teachs philosophy and moral theology.

    We asked him a lot of questions about abortion, IVF, marriage, sex... He gave us very good arguments that for sure will helps us to explain better those controversial topics. Also he gave us his webpage, where he has post some interviews where he talks about this an other subjects.

    One of the arguments that he explained that made me think a lot was about IVF. He sais that a baby is like a present, for God to the parents. A baby is not like something that you order in Amazon, where you can decide when, how, where... A baby is not a right for the parents, it is a blessed.

   Here is the link, if you want to look it up! 

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