Thursday, July 18, 2013

Welcome to SAN ANTONIO

This time i am not writing from our humble home at Austin but form a resort in San Antonio. I would love to say that this city welcomed us with opened arms, but I wouldn’t be entirely honest… The first day we got here (on Tuesday at noon) everything seemed to come out the wrong way!
I wont’t explain the details because it would take too long. But only saying that the so called “Oven of America” decided to take a vacation already says something. We had to run from the hotel to the bus stop for more than 15 minutes and we arrived there as we had fallen into the pool! That day we couldn’t stop laughing! Because after our bath we had to take a freezing bus ride that toke us more than an hour. I sincerely believe that the abuse of the AC in the public transport should be penalized! Whatever.

The really cause why I was writing this blog is the reason we came to San Antonio. Ladies and gentlemen, you have to be informed that a new office is going to be established in this lovely city! Because, I have to admit that after this shinny day and the river walk, San Antonio may have gained some points after all.

Yesterday we did our homework. Maria and Clara were at the office while Carolina and I went to a couple of meetings with other people who is doing something similar as we do. People from the lifehouse, we are not alone!! I think that the number of planned parenthoods here is about 11, but there are also some organizations who offer also a free pregnancy test and some other tipe of counseling. Wherever we go there's always good people with initiative, never forget that!

We are leaving this weird city (not as weird as Austin though) tomorrow. Although, I am quite sure that in not a long time you will have again some news about it.

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