Thursday, July 18, 2013

My first days in Canton, Detroit.

Hi everyone! I’m Pili and I’m from Barcelona. I just got to the United States; a week ago, actually. I work as an English teacher back in Spain. One of my friends told me about this program, I thought it was really interesting, and that’s why I’m here. In my opinion, I think that this type of work is one of the best ways to get a personal growth. We know that there is poverty in the world, that children in Africa need a better education and also food and, in this case, that there are many women who do not know the real meaning of abortion. The world is aware of that, but sometimes we do not do anything to improve this situation.

Nowadays I’m living in Canton, Detroit, with four more interns. Our job here is doing sidewalk counseling, besides doing some deliveries, going to the office for some appointments or even going to the hospitals with mothers who need to have a sonogram of their baby. These first three days I’ve been working basically in deliveries. I went to some houses to bring them either food or baby materials like diapers, wipes and clothes. The experience has been great; cannot find the words to explain such a beautiful experience. Going to these houses, being pleased by these women, hugging you and saying how thankful they feel. It’s something I cannot explain with words; something that if you do not see it with your eyes, you might not believe it.

While I’m here, I’m staying with a family who gives me a roof. I know we are supposed to explain our days in here; what do we do, what do we learn, how our days are here. However, I want to thank all these people who make our stay better. I’ll be back soon to tell you more about this awesome experience!
PS. The picture was taken at our office here in Detroit.

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