Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our first day at Florida's office

We'd been working in Miami for three days now but today was our first day at Florida's office. For today we had 3 appointments but unfortunately only one of them came. Her name is Iris Louis. She is pregnant and she came thinking of abortion because she thought her husband and her wasn't ready to have another child, they already had a little 6 year old daughter. After talking with us she asked for a sonogram so we get her an appointment to get it done tomorrow. She told us she will call us after the sonogram because she has some doubts. I hope tomorrow she'll call us after the sonogram to ask us for help or even better, to tell us she'll have the baby. We are praying a lot for her and her family. Please pray for them and for all the women that are in this situation because they need so much our prayers. Thank you so much.

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