Friday, July 19, 2013

Pro-life talking

Yesterday, the group of interns in Florida went to the second session of a pro-life course guided by Alfonso J. Castañeda from Human Life International. This time it was about natural methods for family planned versus contraceptives or artificial methods. 
Before talk about contraceptives it must be explain what is and when conception starts. Conception starts in the instant that the sperm penetrate in the egg. This is the star of a new life. For stop this exist two different types of contraceptives, the ones that avoid the sperm to penetrate in the egg and otrers that are abortive and avoid the implementation of the fertilized egg. Neither ones or the others can't be morally accepted as good methods of family planned because they act against conjugal act nature. On the other hand, nature methods for family planned are the good alternative for families that because of hard reasons need to take some time to have more babies. This methods are based on women's nature knowledge. This is open to life so it promotes the love between the couple and to their sons.
This is just a summary of a few things we learn at the course.

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