Sunday, July 21, 2013

Men also feel.

Going to the door of an abortion clinic means much more than stand, go, arise. It means giving to others.
Generosity is the virtue that leads us to give and give to others in a usual manner, strong and determined, for your sake and by providing them with the best of ourselves, both material goods as gifts and talents.

So, we put our best smiles and many prayers and try to provide them all the information and all possible help to facilitate what we know is a difficult decision. For this, we also share a cigarette when the situation requires.

While there, we met a young boy holding a drink in one hand and hugging a cigar that was consumed at high speed. Feel free to share closer to smoke a cigar with him. I could see in his eyes that his heart was broken. His girlfriend was in the clinic for terminating the pregnancy, a life fruit of the union of egg and sperm.

It is only logical and common sense, that the fact of ending the life of one child, intensely affect the husband (or partner) as well as the mother, at last, after all, the unborn corresponds to both, which supposed to have the same rights to life that just germinated.

 He disagreed with the decision but it was she who was carrying. It seems therefore that parenthood is increasingly unprotected by the law, medicine and psychology.

The father's role has been characterized by the protection it provides your family, the responsibility of their functions within the same, being the member firm, the main support for his wife and children, in short, for their irreplaceable role within the family. Nevertheless, pro-choice, wanted men decouple everything related to pregnancy and women have created a false autonomy, which promulgates the abortion as a decision only concerns her.

But nothing is further from reality. Several studies show that men suffer and feel immense pain when their partners undergo this procedure. As unfortunately I can check on this nice young man. Among the emotional effects of abortion on men, they are feelings of guilt, remorse, anger, depression and sadness. For both men and women, these perturbations can become traumatized for the rest of their lives.

This situation leads to a series of disturbances that will soon be taking a toll on the relationship. He, already suffering, was aware of this and he do not hesitate to ask for help.

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