Sunday, July 21, 2013

First client in the DC's office

The past week EMC 4 inters, Angela, Sofia, Maria and I, started a new office in DC. Our first client was a 41-year-old mother of 2 kids, who wanted an abortion.

She wasn't sure she was pregnant, so before making the pregnancy test we talked to her, explaining the different kinds of abortion and we showed her pictures of babies growing in their mother's womb. She was impressed by how fast the baby developpes the different organs, and told us that if women really knew what abortion was, they would think twice before going for one.

We also talked about how happy their two sons would be with a baby boy or girl to play with, even if, as she thought, this wasn't the right moment. But is there a "right moment" to have babies?? Life is full of surprises, and as we say in Spain, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. Life can change so much for one day to the other...!

By the time we made the test we could see that she wasn't looking for an abortion any more. And when the result was negative, instead of being happy as we expected, she looked a mixture of sad and confused. I thought of how complicated the human being is, she came for an abortion and now was sad for not being pregnant? Perhaps was the image of a lovely baby we had projected during the conversation... or perhaps she never really wanted an abortion, we will never know.

She told us how thankful she was for what we had explained to her. She asked us for brochures for her niece and friends, because she wanted to show them what abortion really was. How satisfying is to see clients like this! We can be almost sure that neither her or her family will come in the future asking for an abortion. Thank you!!

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