Saturday, July 13, 2013


The last three days I have been living in Staten Island with one of the interns. We have been working with Priests for Life and it has been a very interesting experience as they are the largest organization working against abortion in the States. We have translated some texts from English to Spanish. We have had the opportunity to learn about the different issues that the organization faces. Priests for life advice pro- life people in how can they help stop abortion. They also answer questions to people through social networks such as facebook or tweeter. It is interesting that some catholics believe in abortion and this is what Priests for Life tries to avoid, misunderstandings. We also have had a great experience working with the staff, they are a very profesional team and what impresses me most is the way they get along with each other as a family. I am glad that I was there for a couple of days because I could see a bit of how this type of organization works. It was particularly impressive to attend the 8:30 a.m. meeting where they all gather together to review the schedule of the day. It is great to see that there are people working every day in order to save lifes.

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