Monday, July 15, 2013


When the result of the pregnancy test has two lines is positive, ie, you give birth to a child, a sweet smile and this will be something positive in your life. Positive in the sense of good and not everything good is easy. She knew she was going to be difficult this new situation.

She was 21 and she had a dream. She wanted to finish the degree that took her to reach a good place in society, this would allow her to live comfortably and later be able to form a family. However, her dream, her plans are changing. Now when carrying in her womb a child, now one year to finish the degree, without all the money she would like, without the circumstances that she had always longed for.

A good time? Why not? Why should we suppose that there is a better one? Because who knows if it's your last chance to be a mother, who can tell you?

However, regardless of our preferences about when it is, these is the only chance to live to that irreplaceable child in her womb. She knows it so she cries.

Quiet, no one said that the easy way is the best. And betting on life is always win.

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