Monday, July 15, 2013

First days

This first week of work with EMC has been one of the most amazing and impacting weeks of my life. I have been trying to be awake and with the eyes very open in order to absorb everything that happens around me, everywhere. In the different offices while doing counseling as well as in the door of the clinics due to help mums that are going to have an abortion.

One of the most basic and primarly ideas repeated in one of the offices that we work is: "You don't save any life, God and the mum does". That is why we have to learn not to judge girls that want to have an abortion, everyone can make mistake, we are all humans. We have to receive girls with open arms and giving our bests, make them to feel loved. Afterwards, as I have heard so many times during this week:  "Love is all we have to give".

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