Monday, July 15, 2013

A new begining

Recently I moved to Miami with other interns to spread the labor of EMC and help the need ones. How sorprise I am of the begining of this task is something that I cannot express un a blog.

People here is pretty persuade about the abortion problem and today I could talked with some women who really deffend our work and offered any help we could need. Today I have met one of the greatest people that I've ever met, his motto was: "helping the needys MUST be our main work" and with the term "needys" he do not just meant homeless or out-of-money families, he meant any people who in a especific situation need any help.

The world, as the Titanic did before, is sinking. Evilness is everywhere and the people before doing the right thing to do, choose the bad one. We do need more people always ready to help as the one I met today. This way we could have a little bit of hope about the faith of our world.

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