Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why we Work

Today, I was riding the shuttle bus from 149th to E180th. Nothing strange - I've taken this bus almost every day since I got here. This time, however, there were 3 young girls sitting across the aisle from me. Overhearing -very different form eavesdropping, of course ;)- their conversation, I learned that they were 14. Two of them had "records" because they got in a fight with "some b****." In addition to the details of their juvenile delinquencies, I also learned of some of their sexual relationships and those of their friends.

While listening to these girls laugh, joke, and tease about who's doing what with who, I couldn't help but feel a sadness for the world we're living in. These 14-year-olds think it is perfectly normal to have sex with whomever they please and share that fact with the world on public transportation. I can't blame these girls for their behavior. Look at the world they've grown up in. We have to change the hearts of the people. We need to raise up in society an awareness of the greatness of sexual purity. We need to empower parents to tell their children it's not okay to have sex.

Abortion starts with a lack of understanding the true purpose of sex. Until the world realizes the true beauty of God's perfect plan for marriage, we will have clients much like these girls coming to our centers or worse going to Emily's. And so we save lives, to change the world...

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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