Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doing Good Feeling Better

As part of the new batch of interns, it is no secret that for the first week or so we have been doing kuch less work on the fronlines as we could. This was due to our inexperience but I believe I have proven that I have shook off most of the beginner's cobwebs. At the Broklyn Center, today was the day I would have to deal with cases without any direct instructions or counseling from other counselers. I took in the first girl of the day who wanted a sonogram. We spent most of the time talking about her situation. She was married, had one two year old boy, and had been in New York for several months from Dominica. I didn't want to directly compare our lives especially since we were the same age but I got alot out of her by mentioning aspects of our lives that were similar. I enjoyed talking to her, telling her about some of the help we could get her like a job for her recently laid off husband. It seemed that she did not want most of the assistance offered but we confirmed that the help was there if she needed. The case was made particularly interesting and I guess easier but sad is that it turned out she was not pregant but did need to see a doctor to see what was wrong. I pray for her to be okay and to accept any help if she should become pregant so as to give her whole family a better shot at life.
My second case was of a young woman of 18 and her 19 year old boyfriend. they were Catholic and wanted to keep the baby but she has had two abortions already. I didn't seem to dwell on that as I talked to them more, seeing their disgust of the abortion videos, and agreement with the video Maffa 21, the history of abortionists targeting blacks. They seemed like good kids, cooperative, patient for their sonogram, and light-hearted which to me is a sign of someone with a positive outlook on life with hope for a better life. This is only the beginning and these were easy cases. I ask God for the fortitude and courage to best handle more and difficult cases of women yet already knowing I will do this work for him and through him.