Friday, July 12, 2013


Today i had an incredible experience at the EMC center located at Bronx. A woman around twenty six years old came accompanied for her boyfriend. At first time they didn’t not know if she was pregnant. In that case they would choose abortion.
After talking for a while and knowing  her situation, the EMC Staff explained her several risks of abortion, the hard impact in the mother, and definitely abortion is not the right choice.
At the same time, on the other room her boyfriend said to my work-mate that at the beginning abortion looks like the easy way but it is not that easy. He imagined himself with his future child playing football or baseball in the park, and trying to make his baby get up its our dreams.
She took de pregnancy test. Time of stress before the results, and finally she was pregnant! She smiled. In this moment i knew that the baby would be born.
All people have dreams, and this couple at some point in the office, had dreams for their baby.
They came in thinking of abortion and left the office of Expectant Mother Care with great illusion in bringing new life to the world.

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