Friday, July 12, 2013

Quality > Quantity

Here in this internship I am surrounded by really good people and some of them have become really good friends. One of the things we have talked about during a long time is our families and the number of siblings that we have.

People are always surprised when I confess I have no brothers or sisters. Only childs are kind of bizarre in this atmosphere, but I stand up for them. Not having siblings around me as I grew up has taught me many things; you may think that I must have lack of generosity or that I am used of having things done my way because I didn't have to share things as a kid or I have my parents attention 24/7 but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Unlike many people's opinion, not all only childs are selfish and arrogant by nature; I can tell you tons of people who are proud of having such a large family and they think for nothing but themselves. I am not saying that I am the perfect example of generous and super kind girl, but my parents have taught me well.

You might think that I spent my childhood home alone, playing video-games and stuff like that but actually, as I have no siblings I spent the days at my friends house and inviting them at my place. My house was always full of people and I guess that is what has made me more open minded and easy to get on with.

Again, I am not saying that I am friendly because I have no brothers or sisters, but that has influenced a lot in my character and how I treat people. So I am not saying that all those larger families are a fake, that no one is actually able of raising up 10 kids properly because I am surrounded my plenty of wonderful people who are part of these families and I truly admired them, I would not mind a huge family someday; although I am not sure if I would be such a great mother. I guess nobody really knows that until it happens, so I am not gonna worry now.

I just want to tell you that only childs are not those stereotypes we see in movies, we are equal and sometimes even better (ok here it goes my humility) than others than think that by having 8 siblings they are superior. Everything depends on how your parents raise you. I'm my case they did a pretty good job, and I can be nothing but proud of them.

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