Friday, July 12, 2013

the heartbeat

It was about three days ago when I was at the Queens Office and suddenly came a couple who knew about the EMC on the subway.
They got married 6 month ago and she was pregnant. After talking to her for a while she explained us that she didn’t think she was ready to have a baby as she was 23 and had just got married.
We talked about the value of life, the consequences of abortion which she hadn’t even heard before. She didn’t deserve an abortion and she agreed.

At first she wanted an abortion but we  showed her how her baby looked like and explained her that his /her heart was already beating .If she wanted she might hear the beats with a sonogram. We also showed her that wonderful video   of national Geographic which shows how a baby grows into the belly of her mother from the first moment of the conception to the day of the birth.
She wanted a sonogram but we finally didn’t hear the heard beating, probably because it was too early but she is coming back in one week as she wants to hear her baby’s heart.
I hope and pray she finally turns around! 

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