Thursday, July 18, 2013

turn around

this week is being especially hard in in baltimore, as temperatures are still very high, so that the work of counselling is especially difficult, the girls prefer to go fast for refuge from the heat instead of spend few minutes to hear us. so we have to be even faster. 
but the good news keep coming. in baltimore, this week we have managed to change the minds of two girls the same day they had an appointment for an abortion, or at least they have been the only two that we have confirmed before leaving.
  the latest was this morning. she came not sure, we have proposed different alternatives she had. the option of giving the baby up for adoption not seemed bad idea, even so, hopefully when she gives birth, and realizes the beautiful gesture made​​, decides to keep the baby.

I've also had the opportunity to talk to a young man who came out of the clinic. he was also against abortion, he'd looked like something horrible. he said he was accompanying a friend, because her boyfriend had been unable to accompany her. We have been talking for a while. he had tried to talk to her many times, to make change of opinion, but without success. I have taught some of the information we have, that could be useful for your friend, and returned to inside to talk to her. hopefully get something positive out of there.

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