Friday, July 12, 2013

Staten  Island
This week my friend and I have been living in a little house in State Island. We have been there helping to a huge organization call “Priest for life”. The lider Mark explained us about the organization and all the work they do daily.  A big team works there all together answearing hundred of people that have doubts about why abortion is a big mistake that we can`t permit it. Also they take care about young people, it is very hopeful because we know they are the future and our liders is world they are going to be them. That’s why they work hard in this organization to teach them things correctly. Also in this organization the talk to people so important and they give usually speeches to a lot of people around the world trying to explain how important is to respect life because is god who has given to us, we don’t own our lives, but he does.

This weak we have been translating texts into Spanish, and many questions that people has about abortion, about political stuffs or our human rights and father Frank aswear to them but there also many people for other places that need to read it in their own language.

I like very much this experience and I have learned a lot while we are working. We now know more about the real reasons of why we need to keep fighting with ended this horrible mistake.

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