Friday, July 12, 2013

The Power of one

Yesterday, we watch a movie in the afternoon, it was called: The Power of one. It was about this boy from an english family who is born is South Africa, her mom died and he is sent to an afrikaner boarding school, in the 30´s. There he suffers bulling and finally he leaves it to be with a german man who goes to prison because of World War II and when he visits him in prison he is taught how to do boxing.

Several years later, he is about to finish high school and go to Oxford University, he falls in love and he becomes really good friends with a black boy. I'm not gonna tell the whole story, but let's say that he tries to fight apartheid.

When we ended the movie, I started thinking how many things this boy achieves in his life with only 18 years old and I asked myself: am I doing enough? Because even if I am not gonna end with something like the apartheid I am doing my best to, maybe not exactly end, but at least make abortion weaker.

You may say I am a dreamer, but as John Lennon used to sing: I am not the only one.

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