Friday, July 12, 2013

Gossip Girl

Being pro-life, its not always easy, specially in the middle of this world in which everybody is so attached to quick and easy sexual activities. Don't get me wrong, I am the first one who is proud of not bedding every single guy I meet at night, but it is true that sometimes, when you are not strong enough you just wish to forget about your principles and let it go.

In my case those feelings come when I'm watching any of those tv shows that I like even though they are not very ethical, for example: Gossip Girl.

In Gossip Girl, everybody is "doing it" and they just seem so happy that it makes you doubt and think, "hey, what if sexuality is not such a big deal? What if you are missing fun because you are just scared of getting an STD or getting pregnant?" But then I realize that I am not saving my body or not having sex now because I don't want to get AIDS, I'm not doing it because I hope to find somebody that takes me as I am, who takes proper care of me, who stays with me forever no matter what happens and I cannot expect that person to appear all used, all divided in all these women he has bedded, because that means he hasn't been able of wait for the right one, he decided to have fun and skip the compromise, and I don't want that kind of person beside me. Trust doesn't come for granted, and if I truly want this type of guy I presume he would want the same.

You might think I am so naive for thinking this way in the middle of the 21th century, but I don't care, I have seen enough of the world and of its people to know that what I'm saying is truth.

So no more, XoXo gossip girl for us, the real girls. We deserve more than just a Chuck Bass

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