Saturday, July 13, 2013

october baby

The other day the Philly group watched October Baby, a movie  based on a true story. it is about a teenager who suddenly discover that she is adopted, that her mother tried to abort her but the procedure failed. she survived and was adopted for a couple who couldn´t have a baby. She went on a trip where she tries to find herself, who she really is. she finds her mother, who deny to be her mother. she also meet the nurse that took her biological mother from the abortion clinic, where they didn´t want to help her, to the hospital. After that the nurse, who had been assistant in abortions for years, turnned her mind and stopped making abortions.

The climax point of the movie is when she goes to a catholic church and start talking with a priest. She tell him her story, how lost she is,  all the things that she has been trough and she doesn´t know how to handle it. also she said that she feels guilty of being alive while her twin brither, her mother was pregnant with twins, died. it is ver beautiful what the priest tells her, he told her to FORGIVE. if God has already forgive us for everything that we have dne, If he has died for all and each of us, now is our turn to forgive. in forgiveness we will find the peace. a peace that we couldn´t ever find in a heart full of hate. also, realted with her brother, he told her to live her life as good as she can, he wouldn´t be happy if she is sad and depress and doesn´t use her life to do good things.

To sum up, this is a very good movie that shows the real face of an abortion and all the trauma that it causes. 

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