Saturday, July 13, 2013

First time in Baltimore

This week was hard here. A lot of people came to Planned Parenthood (an abortion clinic), and we had a lot of work to do.  We tried to counsel a lot of young women, but the security guard caused problems because he called the police. When they come, the police always say the same thing: “This is a public place; you can stay here but you can´t block the door”.  After our first ten days the security guard became more permissive and polite to us. He understood that we were going to stay here for 3 weeks, and it would be better if we all  got along well.

Now we are six Spaniards in Baltimore because two new arrived three days ago: Alvaro and Gonzalo. During the week we were helped by a prolife association here; they sent two volunteers to help us two days a week.

Yesterday we were very proud of ourselves. Two police detectives came to Planned Parenthood, and when they left the building Mikel and I went to talk with them. One of them told us that we were doing good work here, and he gave his sincere support. Then Jonathan, one of the volunteers from the prolife association in Baltimore explained to us that police were investigating Planned Parenthood. This is really good news because maybe in the future they will close it.

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