Thursday, July 18, 2013

It wont stop us

We have been in Miami for at least 5 days already, and it hasn't stop raining since we arrived here. 
It keeps raining all day long. It never stops. Sometimes a huge grey cloud comes and stops right above of us. What an awful weather the Miami crew and I are suffering!

Anyways, neither the weather, the pro-choice activists or antything, will stop us defending the most wonderful and supreme right and gift we all have, LIFE.

Since I arrived in Miami, I spent my time doing sidewalk counseling. Before going to the abortion clinics, I always take an umbrella with me, pamphlets and the rosary. Those are my weapons to defend here the life, the innocent babies and to help the girls who are going through a really bad time.

I hope it stops raining because if it happens, it would be easier to help in a better way  the girls and would come more girls willing to be rescued at the office we have in downtown Miami.

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