Thursday, July 18, 2013

Life on the street.

It's been already a week since I arrived to NYC, and it's seems like I have been here forever. it has been a time where I think I 've learn so many things in such short time that I am even impressed. I didnt expect such drama or such amounts of abortions and girls who need help before coming here. I have been so lucky to experience both office and clinic work. 

When I first was assigned to be in front of an abortion clinic praying and trying to get girls not reaching the clinic, I though that my work was going to be a little bit useless. My surprise was when I got to Plan Parenthood in Manhattan and continuously seeing girls already far with their pregnancy, some with sad and embarrassed faces, others secure and happy thinking that they were saving their own lifes and getting rid of all their problems. I was completely sure that my prayers for all those girls where needed. I prayed and prayed for hours, trying to ask God to let those women now that their babies wanted to live and that they were gonna suffer for the rest of their lives want they did. I prayed for all those ladies to feel that special relation with the baby they were carrying inside to realize how greatful that was. I just wanted some of them to listen to me, talk to me.. They have no Idea of what they are going through inside those clinics, they are misleaded. The hours went so low, but I kept praying, but suddenly one of the girls that I went to talk to her, kindly listen to me. She was going there because of her lack of knowledge about the decision she wanted to make. It was the easiest she told me, I am too young, my parents will kill me, I feel that I have to have It but I know being realistic that it will only give me problems and headache, that's just the easiest, the fastest way to finish with these. I talked to her for a while, and then I gave her a brochure full of testimonies and great stories. She told me, sorry but I have to do it,I am going to have an abortion. I told her to please read it and I didnt have any o there hope but just by praying. She went inside, I prayed prayed.. AFter 20 min, she came out crying and crying and she told me.. God talked to me, I read all this, I thought about me and my baby and nobody else and of course... I don't know what I was thinking, I am gonna have it.

These are some of the miracle that God make. 

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