Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Turn around

Today was my third day of work in Miami,  I went with another intern to an abortion clinic. It was a stormy day so it went very slow but when we think that nobody was going to come, a 18 year old woman appeared and looked like she was going to get to the clinic. I tried to stop her and when all seemed lost she turn around and asked me especifically what my labor is.
I explain her that we are against abortion because is a crime and the only one who can decided about life is God, she asked me a lot of questions and after aproximately five minutes she said to me:
"Okey, I'm going to think about what you told me".
I felt really good but I don't know what she's really going to do, she was scared and undecised about her baby.
I'm going to pray for that life and maybe one day I could say that I save one.

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