Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The other day I was in the office when a woman came in. Her cousin was with her, so I told him to wait while I talked to her. 

She was mother of 5 children and currently unemployed. She explained that she had just moved to Austin to help her cousin, who has cancer. The more I talked to her the more I admired her. She had worked hard for her whole life, struggling to bring her kids up. 

She was a Baptist and had never approved abortion. Even when she got pregnant for the first time and everyone was telling her she couldn’t have a baby being so young she decided to keep it and accept the consequences of her acts. 

This time she was overwhelmed by her family situation and she said that for the first time she felt like she couldn’t do it. We talked for long about all the options she had, including adoption. She said she had been adopted as a kid herself and that it had been hard to wonder about her biological parents during her adolescence, so she didn’t want to make her baby go through the same thing. Without realizing it she had reached the most important subject: even at that early stage, it was already her baby.

Before she left I met her cousin and he kept thanking EMC for the help we offer to women in this kind of difficulties. By then she hadn’t made her final decision, but I’m confident that after seeing her baby in the sonogram she will keep the baby.


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