Saturday, July 13, 2013

she has realised...

this morning I have been in the bronx office,  doing some counseling. I have had the oportunity of meeting Sofia, who is 17, she is pregnant.

she has told me that she is catholic and also goes to mass every sunday. morover she knows that the abortion means killing a baby.

however, she doesn´t want to have the baby because of three things. the first one is that her boyfriend has told her that if she has the baby he would broke up with her (which means that is not her true love). the second one is that she doesn`t have enough resources to raise the baby (which can be solved with our help). And the last argument, she thinks that if she had the baby, she wouln`t be able to go to university.

after talking with her, she has realised that even if she is not able to go to university or even if her boybriend breaks up with her, it is much more important to save an innocent life. furthermore she has realised that we can help her to manage all these problems and save them.

Thank you very much my readers. I am sorry for my bad English, but i will try to improve it!

Pablo Torrellas

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