Friday, July 12, 2013

A great mother

Last monday a young girl arrived to the office. She was from Poland and she has been living in New York since six years. Her situation was very hard because she had been with a man about six years and now he had gone with another girl. Therefore, she arrived from other country with her partner and now she is alone. She was pregnant of a few weeks and the father doesn´t know anything about it. The girl had lots of doubts and firstly she wanted to lose the baby. It was very complicated. She told us that her mother would be very glad of her pregnancy but she couldn´t take care her baby. Finally, she wasn´t know what do. Now the only thing that we could do to help she, is pray for her and her baby's soul. I believe that she will come back to the office and she will have the baby. I´m sure. She will be a great mother.

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