Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm back

Hello there! 

I'm Alvaro Sobejano a 22 years old law student in Navarre, Spain. 

As you may know I'm back in town!
I cannot believe it either!

Last summer when I finished doing this same amazing internship, I thought I wasn't able to have the chance to come back again, but unbelievable I could made it! Thank God.

On September I'm going to start my last year of my law degree and I could not find any law internship anywhere do to the awful economic situation we are all suffering, so I decided to come back again to save as many innocent lifes as possible. Just like what I did last summer.

I am so excited knowing I am back in the US and of course I am back ready to help others and save innocent lifes. 

Doing this internship I can tell is one of the most amazing experience anyone could ever had seriously. Helping others and saving those babies it is just such a great experience.

A few days ago I arrived to New York, but due to the help needed at the Miami city offices I am on my way to Florida.

I will arrive Miami tomorrow and I cannot wait any longer.

At Miami I will do the same as we do in New York, counseling at the offices and sidewalk counseling on the streets close to the abortion clinics.

I thank my parents because of them I could come back, the EMC movement to make this possible and of course God.

Thank you.

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